Winter is here!

Are you not able to show off with your smooth silky hair in winters? It is because we all start getting damaged and rough hair in winters. No matter what type of hair you have, this weather will definitely hit you with dryness. As we apply moisturizer to our skin to protect it from dryness, we also need to protect our hair from dryness in this season. Here we have discussed 9 ways which will help you to keep your hair in a great shape even when it’s chilling outside.

1. Cover your head

Winter season makes the air very dry. Covering your head with a cap will automatically cover your hair which is very helpful in this season. Doing this, you prevent direct contact of your hair with dry air of this weather. It will also help in creating natural oil in your scalp which will act as a hair moisturizer. It will also keep your hair shining. Avoid woolen and cotton caps because these fabrics can again cause breakage of hair. It is better to wear a silk cap so as to prevent breakage and roughness in hair.

2. Use a humidifier

Really? A humidifier? It can help in preventing hair damaging? How?

Well! Yes a humidifier helps a lot in keeping your hair healthy. As in winter season the air becomes dry and we all keeps our rooms and offices well heated. So when we are sitting in a well heated room all day long, our hair loses all of the moisture already present in it. So a humidifier rehydrate the air present in your room and provide the moisture to your hair.

3. Trim your hair regularly

Getting regular trims is very important and it helps in keeping your hair healthy and makes them look fresh. To avoid split ends or dead ends of the hair, you should trim your hair in every one and a half to two months.

4. Do not bath in hot water

We all want hot water while bathing in winters but using hot water while bathing will make your hair weak, rough and easy to break. You should better use lukewarm water washing your hair and at the end rinse your hair with cold water.

5. Do not use a blow dryer

Just let your hair dry with the natural air. Using a blow dryer to dry your hair takes off all the moisture in your hair and makes them look rough removing all the shine. It is not recommended to use a blow dryer during winter season. If your hair is already unhealthy then blow drying will affect your hair even more. It will damage your hair. You should not even use straightener or curler in this weather. It’s also recommended to try new hair styles like buns and braids.

6. Do not go outside with wet hair

The chances of your hair to get damaged is more when your hair is wet. When you go outside your house, make sure that your hair is dry. Blow drying is better than going out with wet hair.

7. Oil your hair regularly

During winters, your hair loses the moisture present in them. So as to regain the moisture of your hair you must oil your hair regularly. Oiling your hair will make them stronger and even healthier. To protect your hair and regain the moisture lost you must apply oil to the ends of your hair daily. It’s recommended to use argon oil.

8. Condition your hair

During winters, moisturize your hair as much as possible. Just like oiling, you should also deep Condition your hair once in a week to regain all thr moisture lost and the hair damaged due to indoor heating, dry air outside, blow drying and heat styling tools. Conditioning will keep your hair hydrated.

9. Do not wash your hair daily

When you wash your hair daily, it removes all the natural oils and moisture alredy present in your scalp. Natural oils protect your hair by keeping it moisturized. During winter season we need these natural oils present in our hair the most. If you are in a habit of washing your heair daily, then stop doing this. You can wash your hair in alternate days. If your hair is dry even after two days, then wash your hair in a gap of three days. Increase the time between your head washes as much as you can.



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