About Us

QuickZed is the leading and popular India based technology news blog and Gadgets Specification website that aims in providing latest updates on technology, Social Media, Fashion, Automobile,  and gadget world.

Founded in October 2017. We are the team of techie and technology geeks who are there to guide the Philomath and sophophilic people like you in taking the right decision while buying gadgets.

The QuickZed Blog reports news that is related to The Internet, Gadgets, Social Media, Mobile Apps, Gaming, and Security. We always try to cover hot technology trends. We also cover acquisitions, startups, and funding news. Our goal is to report all the latest updates on the internet and technology world with unbiased gadgets reviews.

The QuickZed Gadgets helps people to make better decisions in buying Right Gadgets. The most popular feature of our website is Comparisons of Smartphones and Tablets that helps people in buying good products. A new algorithm which calculates the ranking of the phone by its specifications is the best feature of the QuickZed.

QuickZed tries to inspire people by spreading the news about technology, social media, and internet latest updates. QuickZed is one of large independent news source which covers the digital culture, technology, gadgets and social media updates.

QuickZed Aims to:

  • Report the latest news and buzz in the Technology world.
  • Report up to date coverage of the latest announcement, events, and innovations.
  • Deliver unbiased views and reviews of mobile gadgets, Mobile apps software, and games.
  • Our Gadget Finder (Phone, Tablet, Smart band, Smart watch and Laptop Finder) helps in searching for your desired gadgets and research on what gadgets to buy.



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