Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Maruti Suzuki extends free service and warranty period for customers

Maruti Suzuki India offers extension of free service, warranty and extended warranty to customers. The extension would be applicable to free service and warranty...

Hyundai Announces Extension of Warranty and Free Service by 2 Months

Hyundai announced the extension of warranty, extended warranty and free services by 2 months for its most valued customers that are unable to avail...

ŠKODA Announces the World Premiere of New FABIA

ŠKODA presented the new, fourth-generation FABIA in a dynamic show at the virtually recreated DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. All engines fulfil...


5 Things You Should Always Carry With Yourself

Guys and girls, do you ever wonder what you can carry with you every day that is just as important as your wallet, keys,...

10 Things To Do During Social Quarantine

Social Distancing or physical distancing means self-isolation from the world. In the simplest way, it means no going outside of your house for a...