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10 Things To Do During Social Quarantine

Social Distancing or physical distancing means self-isolation from the world. In the simplest way, it means no going outside of your house for a while. In this article, I will tell you how you can make yourself busy without going outside and without going insane.

So, below I have come up with a list of things that you can do during social distancing/ quarantine.


First things first, sanitizing your house should be your main priority. Start by cleaning the floors, your doorknobs, kitchen tops, tables, general areas where you keep your keys, your phone, bedside table, etc! Any surface that you are in close contact with every day, you must sanitize it. Especially the doorknobs because a lot of people come in contact with it and it can easily be a cause of spreading the germs.


Start decluttering your wardrobe, Kitchen cabinet, fridge, bookshelf, desk, makeup drawer, the list goes on. You can also call it Spring Cleaning. Declutter wherever you find it necessary. For your wardrobe, pack away the winter clothes as summer is just around the corner. Organize it with the summer essentials.

Clean up 

Do your laundry. Wash your makeup brushes/ sponges because you put these on your face on a daily basis and it can be a breeding ground for germs. If you don’t clean them often please do it!

Read / Watch

Read that book you have been putting off because of being busy. START. You have the time to read now. Now you have the time to watch that series or movie that you have always wanted to watch but couldn’t due to office hours or meetings or being super tired with work and life.

Get a coloring book 

Refreshing and reading the news every five minutes can get toxic and usually ends up causing anxiety and panic. Colouring book can help you distract yourself and calm your nerves for a while. As you color, you can forget about the world for a while and take a mental break.

Learn to cook 

How about back to KITECHEN!!!! Lets all accept it Cooking is a important life skill. And the best thing is that EVERYTHING is available to us on google. Make use of this extra time on your hands and learn how to cook different things. 


Organize your emails, photos, documents. Anything that needs to be organized, do it now. Make that song playlist you have always thought of making while driving or traveling but never got around doing it. Now is the time.

Learn a new skill

Google and youtube have unlimited tutorials just about everything. I have read stories of people who have improved their skills by learning excel on youtube alone. It can be added to your resume in the list of skills! Don’t waste your time doing mindless scrolling, make use of the time that you now have to learn something productive.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it! xx


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