You Must Try These 6 Apps To Plan A Perfect House Party

Now-a-days most of the people love going out on New Year’s Eve, but still many like to have a house party. Many times people try their best to maintain a good party but doesn’t reach their guest’s expectations. If you are one of them, then you have reached the best place. Here are some tips which will help you a lot. Now keep your tensions aside and look forward to make your preparations easy :-
     1.     PUNCHBOWL
This app will help you to send out invites for your New Year’s Eve party. It consists of number of templates one can choose from. Some of these templates are available in only it’s paid version. You can also add details (like date, time, venue etc.) to these templates.  You can also decorate these templates with stickers.
      2.     URBAN CLAP
This app provides you with the various amazing services like DJs, photographers, Party planners, caterers, Party make-up artists, live musicians, and many more.
      3.     GAANA
The New Year’s Eve party is not completed without a DJ. If you can’t manage to have a DJ, then you must try this app. This app consists of all sorts of music. Using this app you can choose a mood according to which you can listen to songs. This is one of the most interesting feature of this app. This app also can generate playlists automatically.
      4.     8500+ DRINK RECIPES
On this New Year’s Eve if you are planning to prepare drinks on your own then this app will help you in the best way. This app consists of over 8500 recipes of drinks and cocktails.
      5.     YUMMLY
If you are planning to prepare snacks and dinner for you New Year’s Eve party, then this app will help you a lot. This app consists of over a million of recipes which also include the tips about the dishes that exclude food items which may not suit you or your guests. This app also shows the nutritional values of many dishes which will help you to keep an eye at the calorie count also.
      6.     ZOMATO
Using this app you can order food from the restaurant of your choice. You just need to select the restaurant you want to order from, select the food items you want to order, and choose the method of payment and you are done. Now you just need to wait for your order to get delivered.


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