iPhone XS has a serious problem regarding to Charging Issues: Some of the users also Reported

Many users have raised the issues to Apple that their iPhones wouldn’t automatically start charging, when they plug the lightning cable. Which means that the latest iPhones, which are the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are under process and again users are reported that they are Refuse to charge their iPhones until they wake it up. Users also said that while charging their phones they have to tap on the screen or also need to unplug or plug back the lightning cable to initiate the charging and users reports that when they plug the phones to charge, it refuse to give any response.

I have noticed most of the times that when I plugged in my iPhone and suddenly I see that no Charge Comes up and when I tried unplug and plug it back sometime it works but after that it remain same i.e. no charge. While Sometime the iPhone functions normally and automatically begins charging the device. As the iPhone didn’t charge while plugging in it and after keeping it for 10-15 seconds, the user’s device pop up the charging symbol. User also started a different thing to set it i.e if you will unplug and lift it and start using it, then it will start the charge again.

If the phone is locked and therefore sleeping, plugging in a lighting cable result in no response from the handset. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max both the phones are now said to be affected, more testing on both these phones are going on to resolve the charging issue and this problem which is the iPhone is having now i.e. not the hardware it is all related to the software problem. Which is very easy to fix/solve for Apple. If there was any hardware problem then it would be also difficult for Apple to fix this problem which will also going to be very expressive. Apple will now fully aware while seeing all this growing coverage of this problem.