All You Can Eat During Your Periods

Periods are the most painful, irritating and annoying time of the month for each and every women which occurs every month and we can’t avoid it.  Between bloating, mood swings, cramps, and lethargic feeling, there comes the worst part and that is food cravings.  Cravings for Cheese sandwich or butter chicken roll during your periods are common. But that is not really good for your body. You must avoid all these junks. You can temporarily feel good after eating these food items but it will ruin your health as well as your skin. You must eat healthy food during that time. Here are some food items which will help you to make your day better.



Bananas will help you to lift your mood up and keep you happy. Also this is one of the richest sources of potassium. It contains Vitamin B6 which will help in relaxation of muscles and reduce the bloating. Eat banana daily during your periods.


Green Veggies :-

Green vegetables like spinach, kale and broccoli are full of vitamins and iron. You must have a salad during those difficult days. You can add salt and lemon to your salad for your taste.



Multigrain Bread :-

Multigrain bread is much better than the whole wheat bread. You must switch to multigrain bread these days. Whole grains reduce the muscle tension so they will give you a relief from your cramps. Also, wholegrain breads are filling. After eating this you won’t feel like eating anything more for a long.


Dark Chocolate :-


Eating dark chocolate helps you in reducing your mood swings and also regulates your happy hormone. Also dark chocolate is a rich source of magnesium and is filled with antioxidants. Before eating, make sure that is is not a milk chocolate. It must be a DARK chocolate only.