The Perfect Bengali Eye Makeup For This Durga Puja

Durga Puja! The most awaited Bengali festival is going to come in a couple of days. Here, the people are so excited and have already decided their dresses to wear at the time of Pandal Hopping. In Delhi, not only bengalis but people of every religion enjoy this festival. Here, from the very first day of Navratri festival, I saw many people discussing about what kind of makeup would give a Bengali look. So today, I brought a post for them. No more confusions now. Here we will give you the perfect tips to have a perfect Bengali look on Durga Puja.

First of all, in Bengali makeup, the focus is just on eyes, making them look big and dark and have a fierce feline flick. Now, the best way to create that look is by using a tape. That tape can be cello tape or scotch tape or any other kind of tape but should have a fine sticky-sticky glue.

Steps For Eye Makeup:-

  1. After finishing your full makeup, take two pieces of tape.

2. Then stick one piece of tape along the edge of your eye towards the end of your eye brow. Angle that tape in upward direction from eye to eye brow as shown in the following image. This tape will work as a stencil for you.

3. Now sweep only the BLACK eye shadow along the upper eye lid and extend it in upward direction so that it can give you a beautiful cat eye look.

4. Now sweep the same eye shadow along the lower lash eye to give a beautiful dark eye look.

5. Line your eyes with a kajal and finish it by applying a mascara.

6. Fill in your eye brows with dark brown eye brow pencil.

7. The look is not completed without a Big Red Bindi. Finish the look with that. Now my dear friend, bring a big smile on your face and the Perfect Bengali Look is Completed!!!