How To Oil-Balance your Skin and Why It’s Important

Having oily skin? Then you must be annoyed by using several products for removing the excess oil on your skin. But we should understand this carefully that we just need to remove the extra oil appearing on our skin. Our skin need some amount of oil to maintain it’s natural texture. Some people find the perfect face wash to clean their face and remove that excess oil but some don’t. Well some of us don’t even know that why we should get rid of this excess oil and how to oil-balance our skin. But first of all let us find out that what is oil-balance.


All types of skin produce some amount of natural oil and this is the fact. None of us wants a super shinny skin giving us extra greasy  look. We should always try to balance the oil content on our skin and should not remove all of the oil excess oil. You must have noticed that after using products that super dry your skin, your skin produce even more oil. This is because after using those products which over dry your skin, the sebaceous glands activate to produce more oil to remove this dryness. Sebaceous glands are those which produce sebum.

How To Choose Product ?

Don’t find products that will make your skin completely dry and gives matte appearance. Water-based and soap free product like Dove Moisture Face Wash will be the best choice for you. And for best results, cleanse your face at least 3 times a day.

Is Moisturisation Needed For Oily Skin Too ?

Yes, it is necessary to moisture you skin even if it is oily. All skin types need moisturisation even if  it is oily you need to moisturise your skin. Use a night cream. Choose a water based night cream to moisturise your face. You can also maintain oil balance internally by eating food that have minimal oil content.