Facebook Launches Lasso To Counter Tik-Tok

After some time ago discussed, the social networking giant Facebook finally officially launched the Lasso, a short video-based application that is similar to TikTok. This application is present in order to seize contemporary or millennial teen users who are increasingly going to leave Facebook, where only half of the total teenage users (initially 71 per cent in 2015) are still using social media at this time. The Lasso is actually similar to TikTok / Musically which is made for entertainment. Existing features are apparently similar to competing applications. “Lasso is a standalone application containing entertaining short videos, from comedy, beauty, to fitness and more,” call Facebook. The company also added that it would slowly gather feedback from Lasso users to develop their potential.

Lasso has full-screen display capabilities, Discover page, where users can search for videos made by other users, as well as one-page timeline entitled ‘Today’s top Creators’. The page allows users to see the best video makers or videos that are trending. All of these features are claimed to be easy to navigate. In making content, the Lasso application is equipped with a tool that allows users to lip sync, record short videos, and include music (licensed in the catalogue) into a video that can be set to speed, just like in TikTok. In addition to uploads and user profiles that can be seen ‘publicly’, Lasso also has the ability to ‘cross-platform’, which means users can upload the video to Facebook Stories. Facebook also promises ‘cross-platform’ Lasso with Instagram Stories that will come in the near future.

The Lasso application is deployed for the Android and iOS platforms. Lasso users can log in easily using a Facebook or Instagram account. However, India has not yet gotten this Facebook entertainment video application. Because the new Lasso application can be found in the application store by users who live in the United States (US) only.