PS4 vs Xbox One: Few Points Comparison to know which one is better

Unlike Xbox One, PS4 have some more exclusive and arguably better games which clearly shows how Sony beat Microsoft in that field. While Microsoft got Halo, Gears of War and the Forza, which are great in their own right, Sony’s got Uncharted, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War and more.

Key Features of Xbox One (Highlights)

  • Kinect 2 to enhance browsing using voice and gesture commands.
  • Xbox OneGuide with all your favorite channels and favorite shows.
  • Gamerscore Porting.
  • Redesigned Xbox One controller.
  • Multi-Tasking

Key Features of PS4 (Highlights)

  • PSN Account.
  • Quick Menu.
  • Dashboard Menu.
  • Entertainment apps and services.
  • Vibrant HDR gaming.

Xbox One

Xbox One comes with the new Kinect 2. There’s Kinect inside the Xbox One which allows users to browse using voice and gesture commands through the Xbox One User Interface.

The Xbox OneGuide has all your favorite channels and shows with the sound of your voice. Create your personal channels by pinning the shows and apps you often watch.

Users can port across their gamertag or gamerscore and their avatar will port directly from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One.

The redesigned Xbox One controller features the same layout to the Xbox 360 controller.

Now pause one game, jump to the dashboard, an app, or another game, and then jump back to the previous game without any progress lost.


PS4 discover all of the amazing connectivity and personalization features that make PS4 the best gaming Console and great experiences.

As it features PSN Account, in which you can set up your own user account to connect to the PlayStation network. It customize your account with specific and a unique avatar and you can also connect it to your Facebook account to share your profile with your friends.

It features Quick Menu, in which if you press and hold the PS button it comes up with the customizable quick menu. You can easily access usable settings such as friend list, sound, system notifications, share play, power, restart option and more.

In this PlayStation 4 you will also see amazing features such as Dashboard Menu, Entertainment apps and services, connect and socialize, share play, Vibrant HDR Gaming and more features that you will experience in PS4.