Apple To Pull Off iPhone 7 & 8 After Losing To Qualcomm in Germany

Credit: Cnet

After losing to Qualcomm in Germany, Apple has finally stopped selling two of its cell phones in Bavaria. This is related to his defeat to Qualcomm in a case handled at the District Court of Munich. The court order called both models of the iPhone that infringe Qualcomm’s intellectual property related to the power saver mode on your phone.

This court order has actually been in place since last December. But the court requires Qualcomm to deposit bonds worth 1.34 billion euros before the order can be applied.

So, now on Apple’s official sites and stores in Germany only sell the latest iPhones, namely iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. Apple itself has stated that it will appeal the court ruling, but while waiting for the process they still cannot sell the iPhone 7 and 8 through their official retail.

It is not yet known whether the cell phone can still be sold by third-party retailers and operators. However, Qualcomm claimed the court also ordered Apple to withdraw the violating iPhone from third-party retailers.

Apple in December claimed that all violating iPhone models were still available through third-party operators and retailers at 4,300 locations throughout Germany.

The ban on sales is the latest escalation of the war between Apple and Qualcomm which began with Apple’s lawsuit to Qualcomm in 2017. Apple’s action was then replied to by Qualcomm with various back claims in a number of countries.

A similar decision was also accepted by Apple in China where Qualcomm won a lawsuit related to patent infringement. In that country, Apple did not withdraw its products and claimed that patent violations only occurred on older devices.