PUBG Mobile: You Can now Win more Games by changing some Settings

PUBG has really hit the great spot in the gaming industry. PUBG Game is a record breaker in terms of being one of the biggest online games ever. PUBG is the second best selling game in the world. PUBG game really stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and if you are a game lover then you can download this game with the latest update and go online every day and you can also get “winner winner chicken dinner”.

PUBG Mobile is a highly anticipated vikendi map and other features in the latest beta update which is also now available. As you all know that PUBG is a game where groups of players (i.e., the single, two, and four) are airdropped on an unknown island where they are able to collect lots of equipment such as backpacks, grenades, medical-kits, which they all find by going to various places according to map.

(PUBG Mobile) Some Settings that you can Change to Win more Games
1. Optimizing Graphics Settings:
PUBG Mobile Suggests some Graphics settings for best performance. By changing this setting, Sometimes you’ll find the extra best performance while playing in these settings. To turn ON this setting, you just easily Go to “Settings” > Select “Graphics” and choose your favorite settings which are comfortable for your Smartphone. Players can use this highest possible frame rate setting by allowing (Optimizing) these Graphics setting.

2. PUBG Mobile Controls (Customise)
While Playing the PUBG Mobile the first important thing that you should do is change the controls and to change the controls, You just simply open (launch) the game go to “Settings” > “Controls” > “Customise”. The Option will appear on the bottom-left after selecting the “Controls” menu. Then you can easily change the controls and you can also Place all the other buttons according to your choice or which makes you comfortable with while Playing.

3. Mic and Speaker (Settings)
One thing is very disturbing in the PUBG Mobile is that while playing PUBG Mobile a new single player finds out that it is so annoying to listen (hear) other Players screaming into their mics or sometimes they even abused in the game. To avoid these kinds of disturbing noises, you can also disable them. While entering a game you will see on the Top-Right corner there’ll be a “Speaker icon” tap on that icon and turn it Off and after that, down to that speaker icon there’ll be a “microphone icon” tap on that and turn it Off too. This will mute everyone’s voice and you can easily focus on your game.

4. Pick Up Loot (Automatically)
If you are tired of tapping on the screen to pick up the loot while playing PUBG Mobile. By allowing this setting you can easily pick up guns, ammo, and a lot more just by walking over these. To turn ON this Setting, just Go to “Settings” > “Pick Up” and then enable “Auto Pick Up”. After that, you can easily focus on your Game.

5. Angle of View 
In the default settings of PUBG Mobile, you have a field of view of 90 degrees. For a better view of the map, Some players increase the angle of view, when playing in the first person view. To change the angle of view in PUBG Mobile, you just simply Go to the “Settings > “Basic and then change it to the “First Person Camera View”.