Top Summer Outfits Inspired By Celebrities!

Tight fitted crop tops to flaunt your summer body or loose and comfy t-shirts to feel free under the sun, which one to choose? Choosing the right outfit to step out in the excessive heat is indeed a task. Here, we have brought some of the best summer outfit ideas just for you, inspired by your fashion icons themselves. Let’s take a look :

1. Boho Patterns: Look Cute and Smart at once.


Lily Collin’s summer look complimented by her red hair speaks a lot of volume in itself! The cute, boho pair of shirt and shorts looks both cute and smart together, and gives an easy, light impression under the sunny sky. 

2. It’s Floral Season!


Why only let the environment bloom when you can bloom as well? Selena Gomez’s thin strap floral dress indeed looks blooming when paired with a bunch of accessories and a high end ponytail. The Back To You singer is quite known for her attractive fashion sense.

3. Pretty in Pink. 


As always, Lana Del Rey looks absolutely stunning in an attempt to bring back the retro fashion. The Pink knotted shirt is patterned in white and paired with a short denim skirt, it looks even cooler paired with the old school glasses. 

4. P for Plaid, P for Pleasant!


Pc’s plaid pattern on her long maxi dress looks cool and comfortable, all at once. She has also pulled on a white shrug on top and a pair of reflector sunglasses, which are indeed a necessity considering the extreme heat of the season. 

5. It’s the season to look cute!


Despite of the fact that the bad blood pop star looks extremely good in whatever she wears, we have to say that she looks a little too adorable in the little blue dress. The plain material gives a bubbly effect because of the round collars and clutched sleeves and does the magic with bright accessories.

6. Subtle and Smart. 


White t-shirt and knee length shorts are the statement for summers. However, when paired with a long plaid shrug and light coloured heels, it brings out the casual yet cool styling. Gigi Hadid, being one of the top most super model is indeed a fashion icon in the industry. 

These were the few dressing ideas that you must get inspired from. Experiment with your wardrobe, step out in the sun and beat the heat.