Fall in love with Summers: Skincare tips to beat the heat!

Who said only winters can damage your skin from dryness? Summer season, on the other hand, can effect your skin too. Dust, tanning and extreme heat causes major damage to the skin and might last for a long time. Hence, we bring you 5 necessary tips to practice this summer and keep your skin healthy.

1. Moisturize.

Beautiful Model Applying Cosmetic Cream Treatmen On Her Face

Whether it’s summers or winters, moisturizing your skin is always a necessity. Burning heat and dry air can cause dryness to your skin and can damage it beyond an extent. Hence, moisturizing is the key. Cleanse, scrub and moisturize your skin regularly before you go to bed at night. Visible changes would clearly appear after a few weeks.

2. Drink Water.


Dehydration makes the skin extremely dry and wrinkly. In contrast, water adds life to the skin. Apart from this, drinking 2 liters of water could be very advantageous for the body. It oxygenates the body, regulates the temperature, maintains blood pressure, and flushes body waste.

3. Apply Sunscreen.


Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV radiations, shielding the skin from sun burns, wrinkles and aging. It helps to manage an even skin tone and comes in all skin type. Moreover, sunscreen also helps to keep your skin moisturized all day long and prevents dryness caused by excessive heat.

4. Eat Healthy and light food.


Quinoa ( Sabudana ), oats, sprouts, vegetables sandwiches, omelette , green vegetables, citrus fruits etc are some food items which are both healthy and light for the body. These are easy to digest and prevents problems like acidity and indigestion etc. In addition, you can always add fruit and vegetable juices to your meals to keep it lighter and healthier. It is way more beneficial than soft drinks and prevents the body from dehydration.

5. Keep your make up light and hassle free.


Heavy makeup during summers can block your skin pores and prevent it from breathing. Besides, sweat and extreme heat can ruin non – waterproof makeup and increase oil concentration on your face. Hence, keep the make up light and simple!

These were the 5 easy and beneficiary ways in which you can rely on this summer season. Have anything else on your list? Tell us in the comments.