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5 Things You Should Always Carry With Yourself

Guys and girls, do you ever wonder what you can carry with you every day that is just as important as your wallet, keys, and phone?

I have made a list below of the 5 things you must have on you at all times.

  1. Paper soaps/sanitizer – The first important thing in the “5 things” list is paper soaps and of course hand sanitizers. While sanitizers are a good way to keep the germs at bay, its always a good idea to carry paper soaps with you. After reaching your destination, be it anywhere office or a cafe or any place where there isn’t a hand wash available, its a good idea to keep paper soaps handy to wash your hands because just think about the germs on a public transport, your office door or even your desk. We touch our phones, laptops and even sometimes eat food with those same germy hands which is strictly a no-no. 

2. A medical kit – Everyone should have the basic medicines on them at all times. Especially the ones that best suit them for emergency cases. It can have medicines for headache, stomach-ache, muscle pain and basic bandages. You can also just add the medicines in a first aid kit. 

3. Travel pack of tissues or a small handkerchief – You should always have these on you. In case of a runny nose or any emergency situation, you can always have these available on you and won’t have to ask anyone or worse, wipe it on your clothes. It’s wise to have these handy also thinking of the worst cases where nothing is available.

4. A small notebook and pen – You never know when you might have to jot something down. While you can easily type it out on your tablet or laptop or even on your phone but it’s not the best way. If you have to write something longer and quickly writing on paper just feels more comfortable and cannot be easily deleted. It’s always wise to carry your own pen! 

5. Breath mints – Be kind to your friends, co-workers or anyone close as nobody likes bad breath. Especially after you’ve had an onion-garlic filled lunch, pop a mint in your mouth! 

So this was my list of 5 things that will definitely come in handy for anyone!

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it! xx


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